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If you would like to stay up to date with our progress through the social media sites you use, please connect with Imagine a Museum on Facebook and Meetup. We will post updates and items of interest on Facebook and share news through email, discussions and events using Meetup.


If you are interested to volunteer for Imagine a Museum, please send a message to volunteer [at] Describe the ways you may help. From spreading the word to groups you are connected with to working at an information table at area events, outreach is critical. From help researching new connections to serving as a presenter or spokesperson for the project, all kinds of assistance is needed. You may take the initiative to share news of the project with others by using the website or social media posts. But, by contacting us through email, we will be able to keep you informed about the latest developments.


Imagine a Museum does not accept cash donations at this time. As a volunteer organization, our needs mainly include volunteer assistance. In addition to the help of volunteers, we are primarily interested in in-kind support, such as donations of media sponsorship or printing services. If you are interested to donate in-kind services, please send a message to support [at]

The project may require funding for outreach or other services in the future. Those with interest and experience in fundraising should also contact us.

At this early stage in the outreach campaign, support for Imagine a Museum is needed to advocate for the achievement of an extremely ambitious goal - to build one of the nation's most provident museums in Arlington or the greater Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area. It is important to understand the goals of this project, which may be reviewed
on our website.

If it interests you to support the museum as a donor or sponsor in the future, donations will need to be made to the official development office approved by the governing board of the museum. As we work to develop the concept and promote the establishment of the museum, it is helpful for us to connect with the community of future supporters. Please inform Imagine a Museum [support [at]] of your interest and let us know if we can schedule an appointment to meet with you or your group to present a detailed overview of the development campaign and future museum.


Volunteers or potential donors should use the email addresses above. We plan to offer information during upcoming events, which we will promote through social media. Join us on Facebook and Meetup to learn more. As the project advances, Imagine a Museum may establish an office in the interested community for additional outreach.

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Note: The Meetup group was disbanded following the completed work of focus groups.


Texas is home to many cultural traditions
Texas is home to many traditions that reveal historic connections to cultures around the world.

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